All NZ meeting on the KLSP

2 July 2019

On 30 June, commissioned servants from various KPF areas gathered together to discuss preparations and refinements on the KPF Life in the Spirit Programme (KLSP). The KLSP is KPF’s foremost evangelisation mission activity and is held annually across its different service areas in New Zealand. It has already started this year in Christchurch and in Palmerston North, and soon to start in Wellington and in Auckland. The Wairarapa area will also be having its first-ever KLSP following a year’s mission service there of KPF Wellington.

Various aspects of the KLSP were discussed in the meeting including the review of the mission framework, service roles of mission team members, speaker workshops, budgeting and logistics, to name a few. The meeting was an important step to ensure unity and faithfulness to the purpose of the mission regardless of where the KLSP is happening.

The meeting was held in Wellington and was facilitated by the KPF Servants Council. It was attended by KLSP mission servants from Auckland, Christchurch, Palmerston North and Wellington, supported by their respective branch and mission unit servant heads.



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