Servant Council Advisory

Victoria University Research Centre Donated Fund to KPF mission and evangelization

The University Research Centre donated $3,100.00 to KPF recently after collaborating for the research survey among the members of KPF in Wellington, Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland. We are thankful to those participated to this survey as their love offering to the Lord. We appreciate to Colleen Ward of the research team and our friend Belinda Liu for offering this project to us.

The KPF Servant Council decided to give this blessing and generosity back to Him through our KPF mission through the KPF Life in the Spirit Program (KLSP). This will be distributed among our branches and mission units.

Our SC servant finance team is now giving information on how to distribute this donation to the KLSP mission of each branches  & mission units so we can touch more lives in drawing them back to a personal relationship with Him.

We are grateful to our brothers and sisters who were so generous with their time and participation. Your generosity help so much our mission to bring more lives to the Lord.  God will bless you more.

[12 Sept 2016, Brad Ang]