I was stunned!

Thank you Lord! I was tremendously blessed attending ANCEL last April 9-10, 2016. Thanks be to God that I was able to overcome the obstacles and hindrances a month before ANCEL. God’s plan for my life wins! During the spirit –filled worship, like our brothers and sisters, I  praised and worship God to the highest level! I can really sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in me because of the heat that I felt in my right ear . Feeling something heat on my right ear has always been the manifestation that the holy spirit touches me. I haven’t felt this way for a long time now. It feels so good to be back in God’s loving arms!

I knew that  God  wanted me to be there to hear inspiring talks, reflect about God’s loving MERCY, ignite the fire in my heart in serving him humbly through the powerful motivational talks of his eminence Cardinal  John Dew and Father Bernard. Also, witnessing and giving testimony to our brothers and sisters how I got lost, endure the “Gethsemane” of my life. With God’s grace and the spirit of courage, I was able to win the battle in my confusion and desolation by trusting him even when I don’t see his plan, when I don’t understand, I just trust his heart.

Up to now, Cardinal John Dew’s talk still linger in my subconscious mind but the most striking words I pondered and reflected on was “Be like Peter who feeds God’s sheep!” I was stunned upon hearing those words, feed my sheep! Last year I heard those words in the deepest recesses of my heart before I consistently facilitate the Single Ladies PM. So that was a confirmation that God spoke to me! I’m glad I attended ANCEL.  And my take home reflection,  self-check every now and then ,  put my hand in my heart  first and ask “is the heart of the Gospel beating in my heart?” Is this where mercy, tenderness, compassion , flowing ?  Am I merciful?

As for Fr. Bernard’s great sense of humour and inspirational messages, he pointed out that as a Disciple/Missionary Servant of God, only Jesus is the Star! Bawal ang stariroy at stariray! Yes, hilarious it may seem but that is absolutely true!

And the most  important and inspiring messages he said, in serving ,we need to serve like Jesus not in a way that we will  do more tasks  for our community or we will burden ourselves with  church services ,serve, serve, serve , it does not mean that way.

Serve like Jesus means we need to be like him. Our minds and hearts should be like Jesus. As a servant of God, we need to know him, have a moment of silence, be still in his presence, bond with him.  And until we transform ourselves to be like Jesus who is tender, gentle, firm and loving,  ask ourselves as a disciple of Jesus, what is the thing in me, that I need to be you Jesus?

Up to now, my heart is full of gratitude attending ANCEL. Thank you to our KPF brothers and sisters who contributed , made an effort  in making this event a fruitful ANCEL Celebration. You are even blessed more than we are blessed! God’s favourable blessings be with us all.

Sis Gen

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