Vision & Mission


The KPF envisions to make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ by fulfilling God’s covenant of reconciliation with His people through Conversion, Commitment and Commissioning.


KPF is a community that offers a way of life where families and individuals, guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, can experience Christ through a continuing:

  • Conversion to a personal relationship with the Lord,
  • Commitment to values He espoused, and
  • Commissioning as disciples and believers to spread the Good News in the communities they live in.

KPF is sustained by the abiding faith, hope and love of fellowmen, and as faithful disciples of Christ, it strives to nourish families and individuals in building a true Christian environment:

  • to support families and individuals in times of need and in times of joyous celebrations,
  • to provide a caring environment and welcoming gesture to everyone,
  • to continue the good values and our enriched religious traditions, and
  • to be of service to others in our own ways, to His church and to our local communities.