God Have Touched My Heart


God Have Touched My Heart

The gift of the Holy Spirit was given to us when we were baptized and what happened after many years when I had the Holy Communion and Confirmation. For many years, as a Catholic Christian I did not practice myself as a disciple and servant of God until I was involved with Kapatiran Prayer Fellowship. I felt that God is so merciful that He guided me throughout the years when I was not even serving Him.

He is a forgiving God that even I sinned He is always there to protect and guide me and my family. He is so generous that He still blessed me with so many beautiful blessings even at times I questioned Him. God has opened my heart and mind to know Him and to be able to see Him.

Reflecting on discipleship and servanthood of God. I have in the past completed the Life in the Spirit seminar programme but I was not involved or understood what is God’s message for me.  After completing the KLSP mission last year, I felt the Holy Spirit in me and see miracles from God. I have understood the deeper meaning and felt myself as the disciple and servant of God.

I feel so blessed to that God have touched my heart. God is forgiving. I am guided by the Holy Spirit because of the focus to put God as the centre of our journey is always in my heart.

I thanked God for the gift of understand and many gifts of the Holy Spirit. God has sent me people to guide me in this journey to serve Him. His people with strong faith and good a heart.

Sis Rita

KPF Christchurch

[Reflection on my two day experienced at AnCel 2016 especially on the talk of Fr Bernard]




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