Our Way Of Life


Community Assemblies : A regular assemblies for special community Eucharistic celebration, powerful praise & worship, life sharing & testimonies, healing session  and fellowship among brothers and sisters.

The KPF Life in the Spirit Program (KLSP):

A series of talks and sharing on Basic Christianity leading to Baptism in the Holy Spirit, followed by another series of talks and sharing on way of life of the community as brothers and sisters.

Prayer Group Meetings :

Twice monthly small group meetings for scriptural theme sharing, praise & worship as small group, praying together, fellowship, personal and spiritual development with a congenial support and care group. This small group is being shepherd by the PG head.

Family Day :

A twice yearly activity of the community to nourish brotherhood and sisterhood among members and for fellowship and bonding of families in building up a supportive and loving atmosphere within the community.

Annual General Retreat :

Usually happening few weeks prior to holy week, to support members in commemorating the great manifestation of the love of God to his people through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is for all members of the community.

KPF Marriage Weekend Retreat :

A weekend retreat for married couples designed to enrich marriage and strengthen Christian family and nourish their function as a domestic church. Couples who already completed the KLSP are encourage to avail this program.

Teaching Tracks:

There will be teaching activities to deepen discipleship relationship of members and to strengthen their catholic faith and service. Some of the teaching track is integrated in PG meetings and a separate teaching event to maximize resources and time.

Teaching Event

A thrice a year event in every mission unit areas and branches giving faith sharing session on faith education and formation on the basic truth of the teaching from the scripture in an apologetic format and presentation. Many of our brothers and sisters were opened by the basic truth in the scripture about our Catholic faith and the more they love of attending it and sharing it.

KPF Family Rosary Crusade:

There is power in community prayer. Each family will be praying the rosary at the comfort of their family homes together with all KPF families at the designated time and day. ( at this time – every Sunday , 8 pm). A family that prays together stays together.

Outreach & Mission Activities:

Once in a while if there are brothers and sisters in need of support in their family life, we have a ministry service leading on this need. Supporting the members and families as well in their joy and celebration including social action outside the community to the less fortunate.

Annual Visita Iglesia.

An annual pilgrim of members to visit parishes in area where KPF is operating accompanied by prayers of the way of the cross designating each church as prayer station.

Family Sunday Encounter.

KPF members are encourage to have this Family Sunday Encounter at least one each month for their family. A scriptural sharing activity with all member of the family within their respective home lead by their head of the family.

Music Service.

Members in the music ministry will serve as choir to a local parish or chaplaincy in the area where the community is operating.

Prayer Partner Program.

Each member of our prayer groups will have its prayer partner. Each partner will intercede daily to his/her assigned prayer partner. With this program, all our brothers and sisters are in service daily to the Lord of praying for the concerns of his/her prayer partner. This is a basic discipleship.

Young People Mission

Our Youth Ministry in  every branches and mission units are having established yearly activity to nourish our young people to be a disciple and servant of the Lord with the regular youth assemblies, youth camp, youth retreat, community service and other youth events. Other new mission areas are developing their youth mission.

[posted by : Brad Ang]