I’m Making Progress



The KPF commemorated its  5th year anniversary at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Wellington and El Rancho in Waikanae. The two-day event was dubbed as KPF AnCel 2016.

 The KPF community was blessed that his eminence, Cardinal John Dew, celebrated the mass together with Father Peter, Father Kim and Father Ron on day one. The Gospel reading on that day (John 6: 16-21) described how the disciples were afraid when they saw Jesus Christ walking on the sea. And then Jesus said to them “It is I, do not be afraid”. In our journey, we encounter situations that sometimes we felt alone and lonely like the disciples who probably thought about their situation after Jesus Christ died. However, we only have to ask Him to feel His awesome presence in our life and to give us strength to continue our journey in life.

On day two, Cardinal John and Father Bernard gave an inspirational talk to the community. Cardinal John talked about mercy which is the common message of Pope Francis’ encyclical letters. He said that we should be merciful like the Father. As a human being, it’s hard to show mercy to other people who hurt us in the past. If only we strive to see the face of Jesus on other people, then it will be easy to show mercy on them.

 The Cardinal also talked about the different principles of The Church of Mercy: Magnanimity, Freedom, Service, Human Dignity, Solidarity, and Commitment to Peace. To quote Cardinal John, ‘Magnanimity means  having a great heart, greatness of mind, great ideals and the wish to do great things. It is doing the little everyday things with a heart open to God and to others’. Honestly, I never knew this word until Cardinal John explained it. It gave me a new perspective when I see our Kapatids in the community who help others  with an open heart.

Father Bernard talked about Service and Discipleship. He said that these two worked together because Jesus Christ showed us how to serve others such as washing the feet of His disciples. Likewise, serving other people does not mean showing off when we do it. We must always remember that Jesus Christ is the only main reason why we are serving the community.

The common message from Cardinal John and Father Bernard is the need to use new method to evangelise and to bring back people into our Catholic faith especially the younger generation. Their message brought me back in time when I was a nominal Catholic. I go to church, pray the rosary, and do what Catholics do but I don’t have any relationship with the Lord. There is no deeper meaning in what I did then until I joined the KPF community. The community made me love my Catholic faith again. It’s a work in-progress but at least I’m making progress.

The two-day KPF AnCel 2016 was a spirit-filled celebration. It’s lovely to see our brothers & sisters from other Region. Hope to see you again.

 Sis Tina

KPF Wellington

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