Our God Is Amazing!


Our God is amazing!

I am saying this, because when He sent me into a mission I am not familiar with, His Spirits teach me to be obedient to His will. He transforms me into a servant of Him. And, He told me to spread His words and made all people, became His servants and followers.

My journey started when the KPF Servant Council sent me on KPF Palmerston North Life in the Spirit Program to become a servant speaker to one of the important talk of a particular session. At first, I was hesitant to do it, but a prayer to the Holy Spirit made me decides to go. And true to His promise, He sent to me His Holy Spirit, to be able to send His teachings and word  to all the participants in that Life in the Spirit program. His Spirit gives me strength to convey the messages to hear and make each audience understand the purpose of our Creator.

“Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. “ (Psalm 37:4)

Our purpose is to give glory and praises to our God, whom we all created, become obedient to His will and live a life according to His plan. In return He will give what we desires and grant what we want according to His will and riches. Glory and praise to our God!

Bro Pete

KPF Christchurch

[Bro Pete was sent on a mission from Christchurch to Palmerston North. That was his first time doing it for the Lord as a servant speaker in one of the session with all the challenges and difficulties. From the city of Christchurch to Wellington City he took the early flight and take the road trip of the last  journey for about two hours and back to the same set up after giving the talk. It was Sunday but prior to that day as Saturday was his first time as well giving the talk in KPF Christchurch Life in the Spirit program. Thankful to our bro and sis who help his first mission. A series of preparatory meeting and spiritual preparation was made for our brother. He is one of our humble and ordinary servant doing extraordinary things for the Lord to glorify His name. Its a miracle experienced and a blessing for him, his family who were praying for him and KPF Christchurch was in jubilation when our brother accomplished the mission]