The Holy Spirit Transformed Me


The Holy Spirit Transformed Me

My first mission trip outside Palmerston North  was a blessing  beyond all blessings. I was pulled out of my comfort zone and my faith stretched given this opportunity to come to Christchurch to share God’s words.

I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding me all throughout my talk and never felt so confident in my life!  It’s actually a big realization to change my focus in my life, to teach, love, share and to walk the talk!

 There is really a unique passion  inside of us  that is just waiting to be unleashed and I am truly thankful for that opportunity. I am greatly encouraged by what I experienced and I look forward to use it to transform me into a better servant of God.

Bro Richard

KPF Palmerston North

[ He is one of the firs servant speaker in mission from KF Palmerston North to Christchurch KLSP mission 2016 ]